CHASE x RFID CASHLESS Terms and Conditions

Get a one-time $10 cashless spend credit (the “Credit”) applied to your Festival wristband when you register and link your Chase debit or credit card for Boston Calling Cashless payments. Offer is limited to the first 2,000 registrants to link a Chase card.  Credit is only valid for the festival day or weekend for which your wristband was purchased. Excludes alcohol purchases. No Credit will be provided for registrations made after 6pm EST on the Sunday of the 2023 festival. Credit expires on 5/28/23 at 6pm EST. Credit may be used for purchases at all on-site merchants at the Festival that accept cashless payment. Not valid for online purchases. Credit may be combined with other payment methods to make purchases that are greater than $10. Chase is not responsible for fulfillment of offer. Deposit and credit card products provided by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.

Front Gate Privacy Policy: Front Gate and Chase reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to cancel, modify, or suspend this offer for any reason at any time. Valid account with Chase required.  New accounts with Chase will require email verification and a linked payment method (bank account, credit, or debit card) in order to register. Locked or restricted accounts will not be able to register for Boston Calling Cashless.

Wristband activation ensures a smooth process when entering the festival each day and allows you to add emergency contact information to your wristband. All you need to do is enter your wristband ID number (located on the inside of your wristband) and contact info to activate.


We are simplifying payments and will be entirely cashless at the festival. Cashless is the easiest way for you to pay for food, drinks, merch and more – with the tap of your wrist. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your wristband in advance: Link a credit or debit card to your wristband, then set a required PIN for security. Now you’re registered for Cashless too!
  2. Once you’re at the fest, just order at any bar or vendor location and let them know you are paying with your wristband.
  3. Then tap your wristband, enter your PIN, and go.


Do I have to register my wristband?

You don’t have to register your wristband, but we strongly recommend that you do! Registering your wristband shows both us and Front Gate Tickets that the wristband belongs to you and allows you to deactivate and replace it more easily if it’s lost or stolen during the festival.  We also highly recommend registering for cashless as well so you can pay at the tap of your wrist.

Can I register my wristband under someone else?

You can only register a wristband once, so make sure you have all of that person’s required information on hand. To register, you’ll need their:

  • AGE

Can I change my wristband registration information or transfer it to someone else after it has been registered?

Unfortunately not. Once registered, wristbands can’t be transferred and identifying information can’t be changed. You can gift the ticket and wristband to anyone before registering the wristband, but only the original buyer can deactivate the wristband or request a replacement.

What should I do if my wristband is lost, stolen, damaged, or put on too tight?

You can pick up a replacement on site at Will Call or Box Office for a $20 fee. Please bring the original e-mail confirmation from Front Gate Tickets as well as your photo ID for proof of purchase. You can also contact Front Gate’s customer service in advance and they can move your ticket to will call to ensure you have no issues picking up on-site.

Do I need to re-register if I have to replace my wristband at the festival?

Nope! All your existing registration information and settings automatically work with your new wristband.

Click here to register your Boston Calling wristband



When will wristbands be shipped?

All wristbands begin shipping in late April. You will receive your wristbands in your mailbox within 1-3 weeks before the festival. You will receive an email from Front Gate Tickets with your tracking number once your package ships. If you do not receive your wristbands in the mail before the event you will be able to pick them up at the Box Office. Please be sure to bring a government issued ID with you to pick up your wristband at the Box Office.

I received my tracking information BUT I NEVER RECEIVED my wristband?

Shipping Status is not updated in the buyer’s account. An email, with tracking will be sent by Front Gate when the order is shipped.  Contact Front Gate’s customer service to have your tickets moved to will call.

How do I get my wristband if I purchased after the cutoff date for shipping?

Please head to Will Call with a copy of your original order confirmation as well as a photo ID and we’ll set you up with your wristband.



Your wristband grants you access to Boston Calling. Your wristband can’t be removed or loosened once you put it on. You shouldn’t put on your wristband until you are on your way to Boston Calling since it must remain on your wrist at all times until you are departing the festival at the end of the event. Your wristbands must be on and secured as you approach the festival.


  1. Find a friend! You only get one shot at this so we recommend an extra hand to help.
    2. Put it on your wrist. Your wristband belongs on your RIGHT wrist.
    3. Use the one finger rule! The wristband should be snug enough that no more than one finger can fit between the band and your wrist.
    4. Slide the closure towards your wrist to tighten. Hold the loose ends when sliding. The closure slides one-way and cannot be loosened.
    5. Do NOT cut the loose ends.



Boston Calling is cashless. Registering your wristband with a credit or bank card is recommended.

How does cashless work?

This year, we are simplifying payments and will be entirely cashless at the festival.  For the quickest experience, we recommend registering for cashless and paying with the tap of a wrist.

To activate your wristband, simply CLICK HERE to securely register your credit card for easy payments before arriving (if you received your band by mail) or on arrival (if picked up at Will-Call) via your Mobile Device. If preferred, you may fully register your wristband for payments using a physical terminal at the Wristband Activation Tents located at our Info Tent; side note, these are also useful for swapping out whatever credit card you may have started with.

Can I use cash or debit/credit cards to buy things?

The festival grounds is entirely cashless and you can only use your registered wristband, credit/debit/prepaid gift cards to purchase items at the event.

Are you picking up your wristband at Will Call or needing to switch the original credit card, but you don’t have access to a smartphone? Register or update your wristband via a physical terminal at Wristband Registration Tents (located at Info Booth) in just 15 seconds: 

·        Step 1: After picking up your wristband from Will Call, enter the festival grounds and go to our Info Tent.

·        Step 2: You will see a wristband registration kiosk

·        Step 3: Follow the instructions to securely register your credit card and, optionally, create a pin code for easy payments (Boston Calling staff will be here to greet you, answer any questions, and help you along as needed)

You’re protected: credit card payments via RFID wristbands are PCI-compliant. If you’re concerned about losing your band, please opt-in to Pin Code payments when activating your wristband. Still unsure? RFID Wristband payments are safer than carrying your credit card around. Your sensitive information is stored securely via a PCI-compliant vault, which means it’s not accessible to any of us, yet it can be removed post-event upon request.